daily logs

— in which every sentence is a single day of the month

I installed Minecraft on my laptop, took some photos of myself, and updated the gaggle feed generator with new posts.

Then I radix sorted some assignments by hand.

Playing Among Us with friends is fun, I forgot to write to this log.

Helping volunteer for an orienteering lesson, I went to a mountain-park thing; I got a ThinkPad T410i and edited those photos.

Having finished making a map for a project, I went to a church to play some dice game.

I bought a lot of snacks for my lunches.

Crispy onion is surprisingly tasty.

I beat the Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap.

I installed linux on the ThinkPad, and slept a lot.


Went on a Short Hike with some friends, and finished with some Minecraft.

And then even more Minecraft, all Minecraft.

Sorted out some money things.

Got extremely tired again, I’m noticing a common pattern here.

I got a bit further in TUNIC and started work on another project.

Talked about silly scholarship things with my friends.

Lots of Minecraft things.

Saw a concert at a university.

Purchased some DnB and a Kinect.


Yet more gamings, I’ve got nothing better to do.

Went to buy more clothes.

Had the most boring thanksgiving.

Yay it’s my birthday, I’m old now, and had the best birthday party.

Went shopping and got a flatbed scanner.

Finished up some things.

I went to a volunteer appreciation party.

Helped test some avalanche beacons.

Looked through my old Unity projects with a friend.

I finished this blog post.